The EP

by Left Passage

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    Track 6: June 14, composed by Joris. Vocals and guitar are done by Joris, Tim is supporting on the drums.
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Left Passage's first EP.


released August 10, 2011

Gilles Van den Boogaert - Bass
Joris Schelfaut - Guitar, Vocals, Songwriting
Tim Verheyden - Guitar, Vocals
Koen Struyven - Drums

Songwriting by Joris Schelfaut
Recording by Tim Verheyden
All songs and lyrics are property of Left Passage and it's members.



all rights reserved


Left Passage Leuven, Belgium

Left Passage : quartet from Louvain, Belgium since 2005.

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Track Name: Sagittarius
And I aim my words
like a gun to the troat
As I aim my bow
Shooting pain to the world

As I make my way
Through the wall of creatures in front of me
And I try to find you
Bury my heart where the hurt can't reach me
See the signs on the weathered walls
Our home collapsed as they're caving in
Silent screams in the eye of the storm
The muted sky devoid of hope

Find ourselves in a state of mind
Where disbelieve is a common thought
Rarely I've been aware of life
Amidst of death we survived
Track Name: Exit Forgettable
Somewhere your shadow's cast upon
The land you wander
And I stray behind looking for a trace

Sometime we'll meet, that day I'll
Cherish in my thoughts and keep it
Safe away from the forgettable

And I hope
I will live
To know you better
(than before)

And I crave
Now to give
This living letter
(written in my memory, a thousand pages long)

Well, here's your knight
To lay his life [in your hands]
Don't say you're wrong
Track Name: Harbour of Birds
Tonight in the darkest hour
In the wake of my weary eyes
I imagine what it feels like
When the astronaut should die
Cold, alone, away from the light
The shiver, the black, climbing up my spine
Caught here upon the window sill
In a web of veins with adrenaline

Free me from the chains of fate
Drawn back from the waning sate
Free me from the break of day
As it falls - dawn at night’s decay

Tonight I saw the face of the moon
So pale, so bright it shines into the room
A mirage, an idea in a Platonic world
A sign, a guess the stars alight above
I’m cold, alone, a neurotic state
The shiver, the black, the love, the hate
Caught here upon the window sill,
I face the stars, the wind lays still

[Harbour, Harbour of birds in the East will rise]
[Harbour, Harbour of birds in the East will rise]
Track Name: Lavender
Here I am king
Lavender blue
My fortune at my feet
Surrendered to her call

Here I reside
In the light of truth
When bullets of betrayal
Bounce back off the wall

Here is my home
The remembrance of you
Blackened stone hearts
Cold wind blows in the hall

Here beneath river
On a bed of thorns
Love conquers hate
In a mutual fall

There I belong
On an isle of light
Among the embers
An heir of greed

There under the surface
Under the cloak of night
Dark, forgotten creatures
Arise from beneath

There on a throne
From a dazzling height
She controls my universe
Lying at her feet

There against the wall
Stands the former knight
Bullets pierce through skin
Cold, raging, soaring heat
Track Name: A Letter for Sudan
Tears in the eyes, cover them don’t dry
Fear to survive, makes you strong, don’t paralyze
I bring you today
A light in the dark
To fix your strains
And show the world your mark

Scared today, uncertain for tomorrow
Fantasies decay; I can only see sorrow
You all suffered
The raping and cruelty
So many murdered
So many guilty

Looking at the stars a million miles away from our eyes
Times will change they say, but how many more will die?
Hope, I send to you a letter for Sudan
Make our worries fade like raindrops in the sun